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Sierra 750 鈦合金蓋碗 750ml

Product code: T-407

  • $2050

  • 累計紅利82點



  • 超輕量鈦合金單人小鍋,重量極輕巧又堅固耐用,可直接放在爐火上烹煮,導熱迅速,節省燃料。適合作為個人的烹調鍋或食碗。

  • 鍋蓋有漏水/漏氣孔及耐熱小握把。

  • 超寬口設計,裝填、烹調或清洗都方便。

  • 可拆式摺疊把手設計,有安全卡榫,避免把手突然收合。

  • 附收納網袋。

  • 材質:鈦金屬

  • 容量:750 ml

  • 尺寸:Ø15.2(上) x Ø10.2(底) x 5.1 cm

  • 重量:136 g




Appalachian Trail Completed!

From Danish Kings to King Jr.’s, from dancing preschoolers to bewildered postgraduates, questions have profound effects on those who try to answer them.  One profound effect of attempting to answer "What's it all about?" ultimately begot Vargo and its line of titanium outdoor gear.  Interesting, right?

A fateful decision to hike the Appalachian Trail during the dawn of the nascent ultralight movement led owner/founder Brian Vargo to ask “What’s it all about?” while simultaneously asking “Why is my pack so heavy?”  Soon the latter question outweighed the former and Brian’s quest for enlightenment gave way to a quest for the simple lighten-ment of his pack.

Turns out he wasn’t the only one asking the same questions. After completing his trek, Brian was inundated with requests for advice on lightweight hiking and backpacking from what to pack to planning the perfect adventure.  So he consolidated his knowledge and shared it on the world wide web for everyone.  It wasn’t a money making venture, just a place to publish ideas on backpacking because there really wasn’t any at the time.

Then, around 2002, with website traffic on the up-and-up he thought, “maybe I could sell stuff, too.”  So the website was converted to an online store selling backpacking gear, climbing equipment, and outdoor apparel.  A business was born.

Not even a year later a keen eye notice a major gap in the distribution of sought after titanium tent stakes.  Again a need was seen and decidedly met.  Thus, Vargo brand products began with the manufacturing and distributing of its own titanium tent stakes.

But why stop there?  Titanium is awesome!  Utilizing its unique properties and matching it with original, innovative designs, Vargo expanded into a full line of lightweight backpacking stoves, pots, mugs, campware, water bottles, and lifestyle products.

Today we sell our products to wholesalers and retailers throughout the USA, Europe, Australia, and East Asia.  Yet we’re still trying to answer the same questions we asked at the beginning.  It’s what drives us and keeps us innovating for you.

So that’s really it.  We see your needs for simple, lightweight, and durable outdoor gear and work to meet those needs.   In doing so, we strive to lighten your pack so that you can ask and hopefully answer the bigger, more important questions with equipment and style that would make even Thoreau jealous.