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PhD 輕薄跑步羊毛踝襪 女 墨/珊瑚

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PhD® Run Light Elite Micro Socks
  • SmartWool 的 PhD®(Performance in the Highest Degree) 系列羊毛襪

  • 採用頂級羊毛,天然纖維擁有良好調溫能力、優異的抗臭效果、保暖透氣、排汗快乾,高延展性包覆舒適

  • 4 Degree Elite 四向編織結購,針對腳踝、上腳背、下腳背及足弓增加包覆性,使襪子和雙足更服貼、更自在,並增加舒適及延展性

  • 襪底 Reliawool 厚設計,減少活動衝擊,提供腳部全方位的保護,同時增加保暖度

  • 足弓處採用彈性尼龍,使襪子和雙足更服貼、更自在,並增加包覆性

  • 腳掌及腳跟加厚襪底,減少活動衝擊。

  • 接縫平織處理,讓腳丫不會感覺到異物,並減少摩擦不適感。
Micro 踝襪
Light Elite Cushion 薄

51% Merino Wool, 46% Nylon, 3% Elastane





From Farms to Mills

The SmartWool story starts in the heart of the Colorado Rockies where product ideas are born every time we step out our back door. 

At the heart of our products is the highest quality Merino yarn available, from sheep raised in some of the most amazing places on earth. Places like the beautiful ranches of New Zealand and Uruguay. 

But that’s only the beginning of our story. The timeless craftsmanship found in the American Southeast skillfully transforms fiber to form, ultimately making the world’s best performance socks, right here in America.

Our performance and casual socks made in the USA start with the world’s finest Merino. Then the best designers and skilled craftsman bring them to life, creating extraordinarily comfortable socks. 

We’ve been knitting American-made socks since SmartWool started over 20 years ago and our multi-generational sock makers know what it takes to make the best socks. USA socks are only part of our story though. Here’s a quick look at how we go from sheep to sock.

I’ve always been curious how the products we use in the outdoors are made.

Seeing how the socks are knit right here in Tennessee, made in the United States, it was great.

- Conrad Anker, SmartWool Athlete and Alpinist