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VHF Classic Case 無線電防水袋 大

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  • $990

  • 累計紅利49點



Large VHF Classic
  • 有容納天線的空間,適合放置無線電或衛星電話。


  • 採用柔軟的TPU材質及鈕扣夾式開口,容易開關使用,以密封的開口夾板達到完全防水的效果。


  • 一面完全透明、一面為透明視窗,左/右側天線的無線電機型皆可使用,透明的視窗讓你依然可以順暢的操作防水袋中的無線電,不干擾通訊品質。


  • 防水、防塵、防髒汙。
IPX8 ( 提供水下10公尺防水30分鐘的防水保護 )

防水袋 / 55 g

掛繩 / 7 g

13 x 43 cm







It all kicked off down the pub!
Aquapac’s been going since 1983. It all began with three guys chatting in a London pub and the story goes that one of them said “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if you could listen to a Sony Walkman while windsurfing?” (both the Walkman and windsurfing were pretty new right then). They all agreed it would, so the very next day they set about creating a waterproof case that would make it possible.
That first bag may not have been a great looker – but it worked! And from these small beginnings emerged a waterproof case for handheld VHF radios that boaters all over the world still rely on today.

Smart phone people
Not long afterwards some bright spark at Motorola invented the first mobile phone. Naturally we didn’t hang around, becoming the first company in the world to produce waterproof cases for mobile phones.
And Motorola? Well as it happens they are still a very good customer of ours, all these years later!
We patented an all-plastic seal called the Aquaclip® and added waterproof camera cases and wallets to our range of phone and VHF cases. The new line went down a storm, and soon Aquapacs were to be found on the shelves of major boating and outdoor retailers all over the world.

What now?
Internationally our products sell in more than 60 countries. To date we’ve sold over 5 million bags –  not bad going for an idea someone came up with in a pub!
We’re a member of the Outdoor Industries Association.
Last but not least we’ve been honoured with no less than three Queen’s Awards.

The Professional’s choice
We don’t just supply consumers. Our bags are used by emergency services from the London Fire Brigade to the Japan Coast Guard.